Why do insurance companies delay settlements



When an insurance company delays claims, it benefits the company in several ways. Delay tactics essentially bully policyholders into accepting lower settlement amounts than they are entitled to. Following any covered incident, the economic ramifications will continue to mount, increasing the financial strain. Unfortunately, this creates a sense of desperation, leading policyholders to take whatever they can get as soon as possible in order to avoid mounting financial woes.

Insurance companies generate revenue by investing the money that policyholders pay in premiums. In most cases, the money an insurance company receives in premiums is invested and earns interest. The insurance company keeps this money until they pay out to a policyholder, so an insurance company may delay a payout to maximize interest revenue.

Some insurance companies may simply delay claims in retaliation for a policyholder exercising his or her coverage rights.


Policyholders can take several steps to protect themselves from bad faith incidents. The first step is to conduct extensive research on an insurance carrier before purchasing a policy from that carrier. Examine previous lawsuits filed against the insurer for bad faith claims and what policyholders have to say about working with the insurer. If you notice any patterns of bad faith or dissatisfied policyholders, you may want to look for insurance elsewhere.

If you have a problem with an insurance claim and suspect bad faith, an Arizona insurance claim lawyer will be your best friend. A good insurance bad faith lawyer can assist you in identifying insurance bad faith issues and determining the best course of action. Anyone who suspects an insurer in Arizona of engaging in insurance bad faith should contact an Arizona insurance claim lawyer as soon as possible for the best chances of recovery.

A case’s timeline can be influenced by multiple parties.

The number of people involved in your claim may influence how quickly the insurer pays out. If you are the sole defendant in your claim, the company will only have one investigator.

If multiple parties were involved in your accident, the insurance company may have to determine who was responsible for what portion of the accident or handle multiple insurance claims at the same time.

Failure to file a claim on time:

One of the primary reasons for claim delays is that policyholders are unable to submit claims on time. Every policy has a deadline in its terms and conditions for filing a claim. It varies by the insurance provider, but it is usually between 7 and 14 days. As a result, it is critical to take time out of your day to complete the claim proofs before the deadline to avoid any delays. ​

Insurance papers missing:

Papers are an essential component of the policy. The loss of the same may cause a delay in the claim process. Everyone who has a plan must keep a backup of the original document on their computers as well as some photocopies of it. If the papers are misplaced, the time it takes to file the claim will be extended. ​

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