What is the lowest paying job in America



They may assist the head chef in menu planning by preparing, seasoning, and cooking dishes. Cooks working in fast-food restaurants earn an average annual salary of $24,300, while short-order cooks earn an average annual salary of $27,030.23.

Cooks in restaurants earn an average of $29,530 per year.

Private household cooks and chefs, on the other hand, can earn up to $46,810 per year or more.  Before haircuts or stylings, shampooers massage, shampoo, condition, and rinse customers’ hair. Shampooers can also pursue careers as hairstylists or cosmetologists. Shampooers make an average of $24,320.5 per year.

Workers in the fast-food and counter industries

In fast-food restaurants, cafeterias, food concession stands, and coffee shops, fast-food and counter workers are involved in a variety of food preparation and serving tasks. The average yearly salary for these positions is $24,540.6.

Hostesses and Hosts

Restaurants, lounges, and coffee shops employ hosts and hostesses. They are in charge of greeting customers, seating them, and providing excellent service. They may also be in charge of taking and recording reservations as well as answering other phone calls. Hosts make an average of $24,800.7 per year.

Dishwashers are in charge of sanitizing dishes, utensils, and food preparation equipment. They may work in restaurants, coffee shops, and cafeterias, among other food service establishments. Dishwashers make an average of $25,600.8 per year.

Attendants in the Amusement and Recreation Industry

Amusement and recreation attendants may work in amusement parks, ski resorts, sports complexes, or community centers, among other places. They are responsible for a variety of tasks related to the facility’s use.

They may run amusement rides or concession stands, schedule facility use, and maintain and provide participants with equipment (particularly at recreation facilities). Attendants make an average annual salary of $25,610, which varies depending on the type of facility.

Cafeteria and Dining Room Bartender Assistants and Attendants

Attendants and bartender assistants keep supplies like fresh linen and clean glasses, silverware, and dishes stocked in dining rooms, restaurants, cafes, and bars. They also clean up after themselves and may offer water or coffee. This job pays an average of $26,300.13 per year.

Ticket takers, ushers, and lobby attendants

Ushers, lobby attendants, and ticket takers work in cinemas, concert halls, and theatres, among other places of entertainment. They are in charge of collecting admission tickets, assisting patrons in finding their seats, and directing patrons to restrooms. These positions pay an average of $26,390.14 per year.

Workers in the laundry and dry-cleaning industries

Workers in the laundry and dry-cleaning industries operate or maintain laundry and dry-cleaning machines. Laundry workers may work in laundries, dry cleaners, or industrial washing facilities that provide laundry services to larger institutions such as hotels and hospitals. Laundry and dry-cleaning workers make an average of $26,600.15 per year.

Workers in the Childcare Industry

Children’s well-being is the responsibility of childcare workers. They may be in charge of feeding and bathing children, as well as supervising play and assisting older children with homework.

Childcare workers can work in schools (as after-school or infant care workers), childcare centers, their own homes, or the homes of the children they are responsible for. They have the option of working full-time or part-time. A childcare worker’s average full-time annual salary is $26,790.

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