Is WSIB a workers compensation


WSIB insurance is an option that I can choose from.

In Ontario, WSIB insurance is not required for everyone. In accordance with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, the provincial government determines which industries and which types of employees are required to obtain WSIB coverage (WSIA).

Applicants for coverage for their employees can be employed by a company that is not required to carry insurance but wishes to do so.

The employees of a company that has registered with us are covered by their insurance premiums, but not the owners (except for most construction businesses).

When it comes to applying for WSIB coverage, owners (partners, sole proprietors, independent operators, and executive officers) can do so as long as they already have coverage for any employees they may have (the process is the same whether they are required to have coverage or they choose to have it).

Please keep in mind that WSIB coverage is the same for every business that has registered with us, regardless of whether or not they are obliged to obtain coverage. Protection is available for a minimum of three months and will continue until you cancel.

This Is Your Map

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) is available to assist you if you have suffered a work-related accident or sickness and need benefits, compensation, or return-to-work assistance. Although we hope that you will never be injured on the job, if this does occur, we will give you the care and assistance you need to heal and return to work in a safe manner. Should you want expert interpretation or translation services, we can arrange for them on your behalf.

This handbook provides information on the advantages and services that we provide. Health care, income replacement, and return-to-work services are some of the options available to you. A section on the decision-making process and your responsibilities following the submission of a claim is also available.

This paper does not include a comprehensive list of all of the benefits, services, and responsibilities that you may be entitled to under your contract. The purpose of this document is to provide a concise summary of the questions we know a lot of people have regarding the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.

It is not on the basis of this paper that the WSIB makes decisions. Their foundation is the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act (WSIA) and our corporate policies. When making decisions about your claim, we take into account all of the information we receive from you, your employer, and your healthcare provider.

Workplace insurance is exactly what it sounds like.

Workers who have been wounded at work or who suffer from illnesses that are related to their jobs are covered by the workplace insurance system. It is also referred to as workers’ compensation insurance in the workplace.

Workplace insurance benefits are available to those who meet the standards laid out in the legislation governing workplace insurance in Ontario. Occupational Safety and Insurance Act of 1997 is the name of this statute (WSIA).

The WSIA prohibits you from bringing a lawsuit against your employer for your injuries if you are covered by the act. A “no-fault” system governs workplace insurance. This means that you may be eligible for workplace insurance coverage even if you cannot demonstrate that your employer was at fault for your accident or illness. You may be entitled to payments and services from the Workers’ Compensation Board even if you believe the accident occurred as a result of your own negligence.

The WSIB wants to know how I got hurt at work. What do I do now?

A Worker’s Report of Injury/Disease is required to be completed, signed, and sent to the employer in order to be eligible for workplace insurance benefits (Form 6). It is possible to obtain this form via the WSIB website, or by calling the WSIB toll-free at 1-800-387-0750.

Detailed information concerning your accident is required when submitting Form 6 with the Workers’ Compensation Board. You must also present a copy of the completed Form 6 to your employer, which you submitted to the WSIB as part of your application.

eFiling: If your employer filed an Employer’s Report of Injury/Disease (Form 7) and the WSIB has given a claim number to your accident, the WSIB will send you a letter requesting that you file a Form 6 with the Board. On the WSIB website, you can complete and submit an eForm 6. You must print the form 6 before submitting it to the IRS because you must provide a copy to your employer as part of the filing requirements.

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